Friday, December 26, 2008

Dewey Decimal Clock

As I write this, the time is 8:05, or "Serial Publications," depending on which clock you look at. I've added a little gadget to this mess (over there, on the side bar) called "Dewey Decimal Time" that provides you with access to the latter sort of clock.

I'll assume that you know what the dewey decimal system is.

A clock that runs in dewey decimal is less obvious, but really quite simple. The time is, in its standard form, numbers. The dewey decimal system also uses numbers. So all the clock does is convert the time to a three digit number (9:03 matches up with the dewey decimal category 903). 

Naturally, some accommodation must be made for any time later than 9:59. For these, I simply add the middle two digits (10:29 produces 129, and 12:52 produces 172). 

It may not ever become a widely used system of time, but it has some of the character that the usual digital clock lacks.


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  2. Since Dewey numbers expand, you could also use 102.9 for Philosophy, Miscellany, Geographical aspects. Sadly, 125 is unassigned, so 125.2 wouldn't have an aspect.