Monday, January 19, 2009

Decrypting Lolcats: O Vsm Jsd Vjrrdnithrt?

I'm sure I could go on for pages and pages considering whether lolcats have their own language or not, but when it comes down to cryptanalysis, lolcatese uses a different vocabulary and spellings from traditional english, and thus the exact same tricks cannot when analyzing a lolcat substitution cipher as regular English.

First off, the frequency analysis is not going to work out exactly like it does in traditional english. For one thing, there are going to be a great deal more Zs. Included is a comparison of a Lolcat analysis (generated from icanhascheeseburger entries) and an English analysis (taken from here).

Second, many of the common words are going to be unique - if it's 3 letters, starts with 't' and ends with 'h,' chances are you've got 'teh.'

And so on.

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