Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Decrypting Lolcats: Part 2

That was not all that I have to say about frequency analysis and lolcats.

1. In the previous frequency table, it is important to realize that the difference are not very notable. The variation in the early letters can be blamed on the smaller sample size of the lolcat text used, and by the time when the differences are clear, it is unlikely that the percentages themselves would be useful.

2. It may also be worth considering whether numbers are used along with letters in the lolcat cryptogram - if the cypher uses more than the usual 26 letters, the frequency analysis should be expanded to include numbers. Using all 10 of the numbers, the frequency table should be readjusted accordingly.

3. The quantities and values of the letters used in a scrabble game roughly reflect their frequency - this can be seen by playing from a scrabble set made in a different language, and the graph provided. So if one wanted to make a lolcat translation of scrabble, these charts must be taken in to account.

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