Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pretty Binary Functions

Following up my previous post about visualizing 3D binary, some prettiness from different two variable functions (at a much higher resolution). Note that the first level of the third function is the background of this blog. It used to be the first. I changed my mind.


First row left to right:
f(x,y)=(cos(x)+3)*(sin(y)+3) levels 1-4, 
f(x,y)=(cos(x/pi)+2)*(cos(x/pi)+2) levels 1-4, 
f(x,y)=(x^2)*(y^2) levels 7-8, 

Second row left to right:
f(x,y)=(log(x))*(log(y)) levels 1-2,
f(x,y)=(x^4)+(y^4) levels 6-9, 
f(x,y)=(x^2)+(y^2) levels 6-9

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