Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Reverse Steampunk

I am convinced that this is the innovation that will make me rich and famous: Reverse Steampunk. It's genius.

Instead of re-contextualizing modern technology in a Victorian context, Reverse Steampunk re-contextualizes Victorian technology in a modern context.

Imagine the possibilities:
  • A typewriter designed to look like a computer
  • A cellphone that actually only does morse code
  • A horse drawn carriage disguised as a car
  • An iPod that functions as a music box
  • An iPad frame holding a notebook
  • A ballpoint pen that has to be dipped in an ink well
I am going to go gut my laptop now. I suggest you do the same. The possibilities are endless, and endlessly awesome.


  1. Quick... it looks like is still available. Strike now!

  2. Underneath this plastic coating, these goggles are brass!

  3. horse drawn carriage designed as a car... far less fabulous in afghanistan.

    iPad frame holding a notebook... excellent!